Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flower Frenzy

Hair Bows and Broach galore. I have been a super busy bee. This is not all that I have made. I have not made a card in what feels like ages. I have been having lots of fun with felt and such though. I have made these as gifts and made some to sell at work. Made a pretty decent chunk of change with these little beauties. Lots of ladies getting some for their little girlie's. I found several tutorials on the net for all of these. I have some a little different in the works. Hopefully can get those posted before too long. I hope ALL of you have a wonderful Christmas!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dance Team Christmas gift

My My, how time flies... I have been crafty, I just haven't posted in a while. My computer has become so slow that it is just agonizing to upload pics, edit and post. Sorry, I will try to do better.
I love making Christmas gifts. This year, for my daughters dance team we decided to make flower hair barrettes in the teams colors. The colors are hot pink, black and zebra striped. FUN RIGHT!!! Grace and I have been making a lot of hair accessories and little flower pins. Actually I have gotten pretty crazy with it.

Anyway, We made pink hair barrettes for the dancers and zebra flower pins for the coaches. Not everyone is like me and is willing to be an adult and wear handmade flowers in their hair. For the buttons in the middle of the flower I covered each one with some zebra fabric and hot glue. I have fallen in LOVE with my hot glue gun again! Actually all of it is held together with hot glue.

Then you have to have pretty packaging right! Any crafter knows a great gift comes in fantastic packaging. We had to make 24 gift bags so we went the easy peasy route and used brown lunch sacks. We dressed them up with the team colors and team. The dance team is called Royalty Athletics hence the crown. Made those babies with my super duper trusty cricut. LOVE!!!

So that's it for today. We can hardly wait til the party next weekend. Speaking of weekend I hope you have a great one! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby Gift

Hi Guys!!!

So I know I have been super random with postings lately but, that dang living room took WAAAAYYYY longer than we planned. That's a story for another day.

Anyway, I have a friend about to have a baby girl. So I made her some of the burpies you have seen me post before but this time I wanted to get my craft on with my most favorite scrappy machine ever, the cricut of course.

I ironed on some adhesive fabric backing then cut out pieces with the cricut and the Rock Princess cart, ironed the pieces together then ironed it onto a baby onesie !

Loved how the turned out. cutting the fabric went okay with the cricut and it definitely helped ironing on the backing first as it made the fabric more sturdy. I wanted to do one more intricate but the pieces were too small to cut fabric with. The crown that says "I'm with the the band" is because baby's daddy is in a band. too cute.

I got four scrapbook pages done last night! it made me soooo happy to scrap. it feels like ages since i have played with paper like that. Hope to get more playing time soon. Okay, need to get ready for the Titans and Cowboys game. thanks for stopping by!


Monday, September 13, 2010

The Kitchen !

Hi y'all! Finally got some pictures of the updated kitchen. Thanks for looking. First off lets look at the Ubatuba (oo-ba-too-ba) granite! Thats the name of it! HEEHEE. Maybe I picked that one because of the funny name! It is black but when you get up close golds and oranges just shimmer like crazy! Since I had just painted the kitchen orange the specks worked perfectly. Then because of the gold in it too when I change wall colors just about anything can match. Mercy! i am sooo loving it!
Here is what it looked like before we moved in. From the picture you really cannot tell how horrible the paint job was. And you cannot tell how nasty filthy it was.
Here is the office area. Here you can kinda tell of the crappy paint job.
Baby look at you now! I debated about getting an island. I LOVED all the room but it was pretty much wasted space. So I found one at a yard sale for $45.00!!! woohoo. It was in great shape too and has two drawers and two doors. EXTRA STORAGE! We got crazy and decided to have a different stone on the island. We thought it may be too much black otherwise. I like the contrast and I love the way we had the ends shaped. You really cant tell in these pics. Maybe I'll get a close up for ya one day.
Here is looking from the stove area out towards the reading room. Dont look at the kitchen table though. I want to get something else but that is bottom of the list. I may paint the bottom part and the legs in black. I WILL get black chairs though, hopefully soon. Dont look out the window on the deck either, we have the old sink out there. It is porcelain so it is VERY heavy. Hubby needs a friend to come help him move it. And do you see the awesome paintings over the table? My friend at work PAINTED THEM FOR ME! How sweet and how talented is she!!!???
Here is the office which i have decided to make my scrap/stamp area. I have GOT to find some coverings for the two cabinets above the desk. I have already thought about cabinet doors but there is not enough room in the middle for two sets of hinges. Mom has offered to make me curtains but I dont think I really want curtains. I am considering rolling shades. Like matchstick or bamboo blinds? PLEASE give me any suggestions. Also the little square "plates" above the cabinets I made. I wanted something but not too much. I am really trying to have no clutter. I did not want to pay an arm and a leg for decor so I cut some thick foam board into 9x9 squares and mod podged pretty scrapbook paper. It turned out great and so easy to replace with different papers whenever I fell froggy!! So thats it thanks so much for taking the time to look!
Have a great rest of the week.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

can you smell that??? it's the weekend!! right around the corner, a long weekend at that, with the holiday on Monday! yipppeeee...
and did you see that? the first card. HA HA I put the card together backwards! HA HA! too funny. well, it is funny 'cause i was able to fix it easily! otherwise it would not have been very funny at all. So again I was playing with my newest Cricket Cart Rock Princess. LOVE, LOVE it.
i paired it with Celebrate paper pack from CTMH. I think that is what its called. I just love the little headphones and the swirly things to represent music blaring. I used the skull folder for cuttlebug on one card and meant to on the other card but i got ahead of myself and taped the front down before i embossed, so that is two strikes, i did not emboss before taping it down AND i put it on backwards! anywho so to not have it so plan looking I stamped text on it from Background Basics Text from PTI. then added some "stitches" with a writing pen. This was so fun to make. I have already sold them both but wanna make some more soon.
okay. i'm off for now. thanks for looking over here! have a great tomorrow!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Murphy's Law and some Accessories!

Hi there! Happy Sunday to you!
Ya know when you buy something and you think.... maybe I should wait... just a little longer? Then you think well... fine lets just do it. We did that a couple of weeks ago. We decided to bite the bullet and buy the granite counter tops we have always wanted. Things are looking great, all moving along smoothly. I made the first 1/2 payment 3 days ago, things are still fine... My sister is a manager for GAP and twice a year they have friends and family weekends where we get 30% off. I LOVE shopping on these weekends cause I can go to GAP, Banana Republic and OLD NAVY. So I spent a chunk of change at this fantastic event. Then BAM! Murphy said.. not so fast my friend you are having way too much fun. I get home to hubby telling me the lawn mower has bit the dust after he made a couple of trips to ACE Hardware then Lowes to see if he could fix it himself. If only he had called me when I was out shopping I would have stopped at like $100.00 or so sooner. THEN we get home from church and I am making dinner and the dang over the stove microwave decides it is leaving with the lawn mower. Really?.... two fairly high priced items in one day? I still have the other half of the counter tops to pay! HA what can you do?? I should have known right? Things were going just a wee bit too smooth. Seriously though, I CANNOT complain. Things could certainly be much worse. All of that being said. I did not get any crafty time in this weekend. NONE. I hope to get a little bit this coming week because we plan on starting the dreaded living room painting next weekend.
I have recently gotten to make these silk flowers I found here and OH! they are so fun to make! Grace and I just ran with it and made headbands, hair barrettes and broaches!! FUN, FUN!!
Well, thanks for listening to my rant. Hope you have a fantastic week and thanks for taking the time to stop by!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cricut Pirate Cupcakes

Hidy HO!!!!
How is everyone on this awesome Thursday? The weather has been great here in middle Tennessee the last 2 days. Still a wee bit hot but NOTHING like it has been this summer! Whew! what a great break. So been messing around with my Rock Princess Cartridge. I love that thing and can hardly wait to play with it some more this weekend. We keep putting off painting the living room because the walls are so dang tall. The ceiling is 12 and 18 or 20 foot high and it is that high up the stairway too. So we are just not wanting to take on that kind of project right now. i have to admit it is nice to take a break from all the rehab. This cart has been so much fun too because Grace loves to play with it and we have been having a ball playing together!! love crafty moments with my sweet girl. ooooo.. got side tracked watching hubby come in from outside with great looking fresh tomatoes from the ginormous plants outside. not sure if i am more excited about the good looking tomatoes or the good looking babe bringing them in! anyyyyyy who. Hope your night is going well. i have absolutely no complaints. thanks for visiting!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Well, I know we have all done one of these kinds of cards but I am trying to get my mojo back after a long hiatus so bear with me here. HA! Everything used here is PTI oh, how I love thee.
well, except for the cuttlebug embossing folder.
Hope your weekend was great. I got caught up on some sleep that I have needed terribly.. yippeee!! Well, Titans first preseason game is on and I am brain dead from work so not much to say tonight. HOpe you have a fantastic tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Seriously!! How cute is this cricut image? I got the new Rock Princess cart a couple of weeks ago and have been having soooo much fun playing with it. This card is pretty much cased from the guide book that came with the card. I used the example to figure which buttons were for what so I thought I would just go ahead and make the card like the one in the guide too. I just LOVE her and so does my daughter. I see more like these in my future for birthday cards.
My computer was out for a while because lighting struck the computer and tv this past Saturday aarrrgggg! but what is worse is the thunder shook my neighbors house and caused their home alarm to go off WHILE THEY WERE OUT OF TOWN. Come to find out they do not have the alarm set up with a monitoring company soooooo the alarm went off for 12 LOOOOOONG hours! have you ever heard how load a home alarm is? Well, it is VERY loud. From 6 o'clock at night to 6 o'clock in the morning. Thank goodness it was not on a work night. When they got home and found out about it they gave neighbors $50.00 gift cards to Cracker Barrel. WOW $50.00 dang. That was sooo nice! right?
Okay now that the computer is up I have bills to pay so I need to run. Thanks for stopping by hope your evening is great!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cupcake Happy Birthday

Hi There!! HOpe you're day has been a great one! Life is good at the Smith household this evening. We are all busy working on different projects.
Anywho, This little diddy of a card is another one I totally cased from Nichole Heady's July PTI release. I used products I had on hand. Everything is a combination of CTMH and PTI. Sorry this is so short tonight. Grace needs help with her homework, which means I will look at it then we will go ask her dad! HA. Thanks for visiting see you again soon.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Monkey Birthday

here is the birthday boy! he had such a great time. His hair is mess from playing in the pool! HA
Happy Saturday Morning to you all!!! It is BEA-U-TI-FUL !! Today is grand baby Logan's 2nd birthday. OH MY how time flies. I cannot wait to see him. He has gotten so big and talking so well. I can just eat him up! I wanted to make a special birthday card for his bid day. When I was looking through some of my older Paper Crafts magazines I ran across an article of making this monkey with circle punches. HOW STINKIN' CUTE IS THIS! I used the cricut to cut out circles used some brads for the eyes. Did some distressing round the circle pieces and voila' we have a monkey. This paper pack is from CTMH. I think it is called Star Struck. I thought it fit well with the little boy, monkey, birthday theme. The sentiment and brown paper is PTI Dark Brown.
Okay, I am off to get ready for his big day. Thanks soooo much for your visit! I am so happy to be back in the crafting/blogging world. Have an awesome day!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Paper Flowers

GOOOOOOOD Monday Evening!!!!
Man what a busy weekend. I had a great weekend the only thing that could have been better is if I were at CHA. I was just in Chicago last month visiting in-laws. I should have timed that visit better! Anyway I did manage to squeeze in a tid bit of paper crafting fun on Sunday. This paper pack is an old kit I had from My Minds Eye. I STILL love the fun colors in it. The little paper flowers are so fun and easy to make. I learned about these from a Scrapbook Memories episode on PBS (locally channel 8). I am going to tray and make 2 cards alike when I have my supplies out. #1 because I usually sell them and #2 I already have everything out so may as well right.
Today was Graces first day of middle school waaaaaaaaaaaa!!! She started riding the bus home this year too so naturally I just HAD to get her a cell phone. She was about to BURST right out of her skin when we told her. We waited until we were leaving for the Verizon store before we told her she was getting one or we never would have heard the end of "when do we get it? when do we get it? when do we get it?" OH! the little flourish is a cut from the Cricut, buttons are MME and the orange one is PTI. Stamp is PTI Birthday Basics. Thanks for visiting!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Melon Berry Birthday

So one of the downfalls about going a while without crafting is that you lose mojo and creative flow. For inspiration or down right CASEing I go to a lot of the amazingly talented girls of Papertrey Ink. This card was very much cased (with the products i had on hand ) from THIS post by Nichole Heady aka my stamping hero!! The background was stamped with Close to my Heart Spot on Backgrounds with PTI Vintage Cream ink. The Fun Pass stamp is also CTMH Ticket Tags I believe is the name and stamped it in PTI Smokey Shadow. Button and Ribbon PTI Spring Moss. I used the Stampin Up punch for the notebook effect. I would love to chat a bit but i must be getting ready for Bear Camp. which is a type of open house for new students and parents of middle schoolers. WHAT?? middle school already? wasn't she just born yesterday? Sheesh!! Thanks for coming by for the visit today!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to YOU!

HELLO long lost blogging friends!!!
Sure hope everyone is doing well on this blazing hot Wednesday. Okay, so getting this house together has taken WAAAAYYYY more time than I anticipated or wanted. But... it is looking more like a home. We just finished the kitchen which required one coat of primer AND two coats of paint... ugg.. we did not skimp either we bought the good stuff from Porter Paint!! Oh well it looks great now. we still have the living room to go.. but I am hanging my painters hat up for a while. anywhoo.............. i have gotten in some play time!! here is one of the first cards i have made in a very long time. I already had the poofy flowers made from around Christmas time. I decided to use them up on this 5x7 card. The heart punch is from fiskars. the blue vinyl letters are the paper studio. not sure about the black polka dot paper. and the happy birthday sentiment is from Papertrey Ink. Thanks so much for visiting me. sorry it has been so long. I am so excited to check out everyones blogs that i have been missing. Have a GREAT night!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New BLog Layout!

Okay... so I do not have anything to post but I have a new blog layout!!!!
One step at a time people.. one step at a time!!!

i PAINTED all weekend. still slow moving. but getting there.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Weekend

OMG it has been over a month since i have last blogged. I did manage to squeeze in 6 mothers day cards. 3 designs 2 of each. i gave one to mom and sold the others at work. it was soooooo nice to play a little. i did not take a picture to post because they were totally cased!
so friday went out of town to my daughers dance competition in Huntsville Alabama. Our team did excellent!! lots of first place awards. Fun times.
sunday woke up to these delicious and sweet pancakes!! visited my mother in law and then met my sister and mom for dinner. super busy weekend but all was great. today i celebrate my 37th birthday!! DANG time goes by so fast! hubby just called me for dinner so gotta run. thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

You Make Me Happy!

Good Easter Morning!!!
What a beautiful day in Tennessee today!!
So I realize it has been forever and 5 days since I last posted and visited blogs. Life has been CRAZY busy but good. It seems we are finally making a dent on the house project. Still so much to do however. Needless to say this is a scrapbook page I did a while back. I still have lots of my craftiness in a boxes. SOON though, soon I will be able to get out all of my crafty goodness! I just hate to get it out and all set up when I dont have the time to get to it right away. Once it is all out sitting there I will for sure not get any house work done!!! LOL. I cannot remember all of the goodies used to make this but what I do know is:
Paper kit is My Minds Eye.
Buttons: MME and PTI
Die Cuts: flowers and butterflies Cricut
STamp: (barcode label) CTMH
Thanks so much for visiting I hope to be back to my normal crafy self soon! Have a wonderful Easter day!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


....WALLPAPER that is...
GOOD gravy. Wallpaper needs to be outlawed!!!
I still do not quite see light at the end of the tunnel yet. Although we have 3 rooms primed and ready to paint. We are finishing up the wallpaper tear down. I think at this point I am going to have to completely finish one room just to have a sense of accomplishment. We still have about half or more of boxes still not emptied. Slow wins the race right?

Friday, March 12, 2010


ONE of these days i will have some artwork to share with you all!
This weekend is painting weekend. Mostly priming. Color paint will come soon I hope. we still are living out of boxes while we are still cleaning and scrubbing and fixing things. The rest of the furniture will be moved in this weekend also. So we are on our way... slowly. Working full time while trying to move into a house is exhausting!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

whoop whoop INTERNET BABY!

Came home from work today and internet and home phone are in working order!! yeehaa!!!
I am going to spend a couple of mins looking at your blogs then I will have to get back to unloading boxes. We are leaving after work tomorrow for a dance competition in Louisville KY and wont be back until Sunday so no chance to unload boxes, get things in from the garage. I just cant seem to create or cook when boxes are all around. we are have canned Chicken Noodle Soup and grilled cheese for dinner! HA I am ready to be normal again. However it will still be a while yet.
Have a great weekend!! If your in TN it is supposed to be really nice like 60's!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Internet

well, we are all moved it. everything is in boxes. we really needed to wait til the carpet gets put in until we moved furniture or whatever around. so everything is piled in the basement, kitchen or dining room or where ever there is hardwood! cleaning has been a MASIVE project. this house has been empty for over 6 months and apparently the previous owners did not take very good care of it. we still do not have the t.v. or internet hooked up!! (i am on the computer at work shhhh... dont tell anyone!) dosnt matter really, we have way too much to do when we get home from work to worry about either! so anyway just wanted to pop in and say i hope to visit you all soon!!! the carpet is supposed to go in today! we will be able to move things around but we have to go out of town this weekend so NO work on the house! arrg. thanks for the visit and well wishes!

Friday, February 26, 2010


OH! The looooonnnnnggggg awaited time is here! We closed on old house and new house last night. Woke up early this am to get the party started. Well.. I had to have some coffee and blog first. But I am ready to rock! Here are a couple of pics of the house. PLEASE keep in mind this is a fixer upper. I am a little frightened to show you most of the pics. The kitchen is HUGE! i have never had a large kitchen. I am very excited about it. My daughter who is 11 years old cannot wait to get an island for the kitchen. Now why in the world she cares about that? I don't know! HA. Check out the double oven!!! WoooHOOO!! I may start cooking again! The front of the house needs lots of work. Monday we start construction for a new driveway and stairs up to the front entry. We are replacing some wood with vinyl and fixing the roof. New carpet also goes in on Monday. We will have to move most everything in the basement until the carpet goes in. Today we start all the cleaning, scrapping, dusting, etc while the heating and air people put in our new heating unit. Hopefully that will get the walls warmed up to start painting tomorrow and Sunday before the carpet goes in on Monday. So LOTS to do. I need to drink up this coffee and get going.
Thanks for all the well wishes through this adventure!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Orange Birthday

Hi guys! How is your Sunday? it is sooooo bright and beautiful here! OH my I loved being outside today it was such a great relief to finally feel the warm sun again. I have been doing my workouts inside through the winter, I felt like a new person and burst of energy that hasnt been around in months! We visited the new house today also, so closing is finally set for this Wednesday. This will be the 3rd time it had been rescheduled so we are keeping our fingers AND toes crossed.
This also means my paper crafting will come to a halt for a little while. It has slowed down dramatically because the scraproom has been filled with boxes and all the extras and I just cannot create with a mess around me. It makes me nervous and I cannot concentrate on anything else. Maybe i have adult ADD or COD or something. anyway. There is so much to do in the new house. We are buying it as a foreclosure so needless to say it was left in a mangled up mess. We have lots of holes to repair EVERY inch of the place has to be painted and some wallpaper to be taken down (yuck). I dont want to use any vacation time at work (gotta safe it for this summer) so I will be working full time and any extra time will be spent cleaning and painting and unpacking etc. I'm sure I can only to that for so long before i have to get my craft on though! HA. Anywho,........ for this card, the stamped image is Fiskars! I got it free when they sent me the free punch a couple of posts ago. The paper is a super old pack from BasicGrey. the cream cardstock is CTMH and the card base is PTI Smokey Grey and the sentiment stamp is also PTI Birthday Basics I believe. The orange ink is Goldrush.
Grace had her first dance competition yesterday. They did so good but it totally wore Grace and myself out! I think we where in bed asleep by 8:30 maybe 9:00. Thanks for your visit today. Hopefully I wont be gone too long.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ABC Toys and Crafts Giveaway Time

Check out ABC Toys and Crafts link HERE for some awesome giveaways!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And then there was you

HI! Happy Tuesday. Hope all is well with you. Here is a card I made for Valentines Day. I forgot to share before. All of the products used (except for the card base which is PTI Spring Rain) are from Fiskar's Heidi Grace collection. The circles and stripes are flocked patterned paper. The chipboard stickers are from the same collection as well. That beautiful heart punch is from Fiskars that I got randomly for free just for being a Fisk-A-Teer! That company is one of the MOST generous companies ever!
Thanks Fiskars. And thank you for the visit today!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Blue and Yellow Cupcake Card

Whoop Whoop!! its finally Friday! but shoot, i have such a busy weekend. Dancing season is here. I am super busy with my girl and getting her ready for the first competition this year. Tonight she danced at the half time show at the high school (her team, not just her) and alllllll day tomorrow we have dress rehearsal. So not sure if i will be able to fit in any crafty time. we will see. Okay, i know you guys have to be tired of this super cute little cupcake. I use it quite a bit. but i just LOVE it! Also used some American Crafts Metallic embossing powder. PTI polka dot basics (swoon) CTMH happy birthday and pti ribbon, ink and buttons. Thanks so much for your visit. see you soon, have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poofy Flower Birthday card

Que Pasa People!
How is your Tuesday? Things are rockin' right along here in the Smith house hold. We are getting soooooo close to closing on the houses! Goodness, so much involved in purchasing a home. Anywhooooooo. Here is a fun little card I made. Using those sweet poofy flowers Dawn McVey showed on her blog one day. I love making these little guys. Alrighty gonna run and color with some Copics for a minute or three. Have a great night!
Cardstock: PTI Ocean Tides, White
Patterned Paper: PTI Polka Dot Parade
Button: My Minds Eye
Stamps: Close to my Heart (sentiment Happy Birthday) PTI Polka Dot Basics
Ink: PTI Ocean Tides
Embossing Powder: CTMH White
Tools: Cricut Cart Hannah Montana for the flower

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cupcake Birthday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!!
Hope you woke up to a fabulous day. Are you going to watch the super bowl? I believe I am cheering for the Saints. I love watching the Colts. but the have already played in the Super Bowl and I LOVE New Orleans so yes, I will cheer for the Saints. Anywhooo. Todays card was total inspired by Nichole Heady you have to click here to see her card then scroll down a little. I am totally in love with her clean style. Just makes me happy. Sometimes I LOVE to junk it up but sometimes I love super clean simple lines. Thats just how I roll, something different all the time!
Allrighty, I have chores to do before I get get my craft on today so gotta run. THANK YOU for spending a wee bit of time with me today!
Cardstock: PTI Sweet Blush, Georgia Pacific (white) Stampin up (red) and the textured pink was in my stash have no idea who the maker is. CTMH Dessert Sand
Stamps: PTI Polka Dot Basics, CTMH Happy Birthday
Cricut Cart: Home Decor
Tools: Scor Pal and Fiskars Pinking Shears
Ink: CTMH Black, PTI Sweet Blush

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday To You

Hola! How is your Wednesday? Hope life is treating you well. I certainly cannot complain. We had chocolate chip pancakes for dinner tonight! YUMMY! Yes ma'am life is good.
So here is a little card I made. The bottom pink paper is embossed with white embossing powder on Raspberry fizz cardstock (PTI) that I had left over from a project last year. And PTI Damask stamp set. also used PTI Raspberry Fizz Mix and Black Patterned Paper. The large Damask is from the same stamp set as well as the sentiment. Threw on some bling for fun. Oh, and the base of the card is Soft Stone also PTI. Well folks, I need to get busy. Thanks for the visit!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi-Ya. Happy Sunday. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was a FABULOUS weekend here in middle TN. The paper this morning said this is the most snow this area has seen in 7 years! wooohooo. It was so much fun and what was best is that it happened over the weekend. Our neighborhood was full of people sledding, making snowmen etc. Fun, fun stuff. AND that gave me LOTS of time to get CRAFTY!!! I made 9 cards and 4 scrapbook pages. WOOOOHOOO
my last card today was a card for Ashley Newell's Embellish Challenge. We were to use turquoise, brown and pink. awesome, I just HAD to play along. I also made a fun poofy flower I learned from Dawn McVey. They are very addictive once you start. Inside of the card is a shape cut out using Spellbinders Label 4 using pink cardstock and a stamped birthday sentiment. Thanks so much for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your night!
Cardstock: PTI Dark Chocolate, Sweet Blush
Patterned Paper: The Turquoise is unknown got a square of it in a secret sister package (thanks Cindy!) But the poofy flower was made with PTI Pretty Pink Patterned Paper
Button: PTI Dark Chocolate
Ribbon: PTI Sweet Blush, Rustic Jute (for the button)
Stamps: PTI Birthday Basics (sentiment)
Ink: PTI Dark Chocolate

Saturday, January 30, 2010


HI Guys!! It is a SUPER snowy day here in the SOUTH! OMG we have not seen snow like this in a very long time. My girl is PUMPED! So this will be quick because we have to eat our cinnamon rolls and then get outside and sled, make snowmen, snowballs, snow angels. FUN stuff.. So this cute little bingo card is a free digital image from Lindsay's stamp stuff at Mygrafico.com
i re sized it to make it a little smaller for a card. Cant wait to use one on a scrapbook page too. The heart i cut out using the Hannah Montana Cricut cart and added some thick glitter. Then used my favorite flourish from the Home Decor cart, oh shoot or is it the Home Accents cart? I love them both! I colored the card with Copic Markers threw on some PTI cardstock and ribbon with some leftover patterned paper. On the bingo card you can barely see it but I stamped a tiny heart onto the number 14 for Valentines Day, when I plan to give this card to my hubs. Okay kids, let me eat my cinnamon roll and drink my coffee. Have an awesome day!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

UR Hot

Hola Friends!
How are you today? Things are good in this house. We are running around going crazy trying to finalize the sale of our house and purchasing the new one. Goodness gracious, there is so much involved. Anyway. here is another card I made for Valentines Day, I guess it really wouldn't HAVE to be for Valentines day. I would be happy to give this to my hubby ANY DAY. I found this fun zebra striped paper at Hobby Lobby. And I am STILL using those Reminisce stickers! The UR are from either The Paper Studio or American Crafts. Also used black and white PTI cardstock. Super fast and simple but certainly makes a statement! I appreciate you stopping by here today. Hope you have a fabulous tomorrow!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blow Out Your Candles D.I.V.A.S challenge

Hi ya! Happy Sunday. What a wonderfully relaxing day it has been today. I did have to run out in the rain to pick up my daughter from a sleepover but, when we got home my handsome hubs was making breakfast! So we ate then I took a wee nap on the couch! LOVE THAT. Rainy, lazy day and your hubs makes breakfast...perfect! Last night we had a wonderful romantic evening at home, that we don't get often enough I made Beef French Onion Soup in the crock pot that I got from Cursive T. (She has some really simple and delicious meals.) AND we watched a movie together, now THAT does not happen often enough. I don't think I would call the movie romantic but it was wonderful to spend that time together alone. We watch The Hangover! Holy cow I laughed my booty OFF!!
Switching gears, I made this card for my blogging group Designing D.I.V.A.S where we are to uses real or faux stitching. The layout is from a scrapbook page in Scrapbook Trends Magazine. January issue. The pretty patterned paper is from my Secret Sister Cindy it is BasicGrey Euphoria. Thanks girly!!! I also used the Cricut cart Home Decor for the flourish (I know you guys see that a lot on my cards!) the sentiment is from Creative Clear Stamps. It cracks me up because it is pretty little card then BAM! an innocent little insult. HA. Okay, laundry to do (always) thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great day!