Sunday, August 29, 2010

Murphy's Law and some Accessories!

Hi there! Happy Sunday to you!
Ya know when you buy something and you think.... maybe I should wait... just a little longer? Then you think well... fine lets just do it. We did that a couple of weeks ago. We decided to bite the bullet and buy the granite counter tops we have always wanted. Things are looking great, all moving along smoothly. I made the first 1/2 payment 3 days ago, things are still fine... My sister is a manager for GAP and twice a year they have friends and family weekends where we get 30% off. I LOVE shopping on these weekends cause I can go to GAP, Banana Republic and OLD NAVY. So I spent a chunk of change at this fantastic event. Then BAM! Murphy said.. not so fast my friend you are having way too much fun. I get home to hubby telling me the lawn mower has bit the dust after he made a couple of trips to ACE Hardware then Lowes to see if he could fix it himself. If only he had called me when I was out shopping I would have stopped at like $100.00 or so sooner. THEN we get home from church and I am making dinner and the dang over the stove microwave decides it is leaving with the lawn mower. Really?.... two fairly high priced items in one day? I still have the other half of the counter tops to pay! HA what can you do?? I should have known right? Things were going just a wee bit too smooth. Seriously though, I CANNOT complain. Things could certainly be much worse. All of that being said. I did not get any crafty time in this weekend. NONE. I hope to get a little bit this coming week because we plan on starting the dreaded living room painting next weekend.
I have recently gotten to make these silk flowers I found here and OH! they are so fun to make! Grace and I just ran with it and made headbands, hair barrettes and broaches!! FUN, FUN!!
Well, thanks for listening to my rant. Hope you have a fantastic week and thanks for taking the time to stop by!!


Sara said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry!!! But I totally know how ya feel, it always seems to happen to me that way too. Your flowers are gorgeous, love them! Hope you have a better week

Karen said...

We are way too familiar with Murphy around here! If you haven't replaced your lawn mower yet, you may want to try buying that used. When I first bought my house, we found a really expensive one that some guy bought, used for a month, then decided he didn't want to mow anymore and hired a gardener. So, he sold it to us for cheap! It lasted nine years out in the elements (covered with a tarp in the side yard to protect it somewhat from the was big and a pain to get in and out of the shed!). I'll bet when you get those granite counters in, you'll let out happy sighs. And wishing you no more visits from Murphy! :>

Those flowers are GORGEOUS!!!!! :>

Leigh Ann Baird said...

I strongly dislike Murphy. Maybe something good will come out of this. You never know.

Angela said...

Your luck seems just like mine!! My air has been out for over a week and now we need a new AC unit. Our is only 4 yrs old!! Then My husbands transmission is going out in his Blazer!! Looks like Desting is going to have to wait even longer to get a car!!
I bet your house is looking great! You need to start showing some pics girl and I can't wait to see the counter tops!!
You and Grace did a fantastic job on the flower accessories!! To cute!! Wishing you some good luck your way.