Sunday, March 11, 2012


Wow. Life has raced by this past month. I feel like I have hardly breathed. 3 weekends in a row we had dance stuff. 2 competitions and one out of town adventure. We went to Memphis Tennessee which was actually really fun. The girls got to take classes from world renowned dancers. It was all relaxed and casual. The moms didn't have to worry with make up and hair and costumes. The girls had a blast.

Above is one of my favorite dances this year called clown-o-rama. Its a fun little dance very entertaining. The picture below is Grace in a very contemporary dance that I also like alot.

During all of the dance chaos my grandfather was put in hospice care. He has good days and bad days. I like to visit him when I can.

Also I have started on redoing the master bath and bedroom. I got a good start on the bathroom just to be rudely interrupted with a case of FOOD POISONING!!! Oh my lands... that was the worst. experience. ever. I have never had food poisoning before and I pray to the good Lord above that I never get it again. but, even that event was made better when I found out that I won a give away on YOUNG HOUSE LOVE. John and Sherry are so talented and entertaining I love to visit their DIY blog every day. I won a DIY book by Jen Lancaster and a $100.00 gift card to Home Depot! just in the nick of time for my master room make over!!!

I hope to be back soon, I have been trying to visit blogs and leave comments when I can. Thanks so much for stopping by today!