Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bib Necklace

Hello Again!!
i don't have a card to share YET 'cause I have been playing with rosettes again!! I am IN LOVE with making these things. You will be seeing them on some cards and scrapbook pages soon (hopefully). I saw one like this from Love Stitched blog then I ran over to her Etsy store and Whoa! she has the cutest stuff. Go check it out. She is also super cute and i wanna be just like her so my sweet baby Grace and I played around with the camera and here is what we got. I am sooo wearing this to work tomorrow.. well with a different outfit of course. I plan on making at least one or two more in some fun colors but this is all I had on hand. Thanks for looking and coming to visit. Have a GREAT night!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pom Pom Necklace Rosette Style!!!

So you know I have been making some flowery goodness for the holidays. WELL, one idea REALLY caught my eye from Little Miss Momma Blog she has the cutest ideas and she is such a cutie herself! She had a tutorial for pom pom necklaces. Well, I also made some flower pins that I discovered from Jones Design Company Blog she is also a super cutie. I decided I would put the two together because I love that the flower pins look like little rosettes when you make them teeny tiny. GO check out both of these girls blogs you will be SOOOOO inspired to TRY something I guarantee it! I made the rosettes out of felt and got a cheapo chain necklace at Hobby Lobby. I CANNOT wait to do the flower bib necklace that Little Miss Momma has done!
Thanks for visiting!

Friday, January 14, 2011

12 Rocks

Oh Sweet Goodness... My baby turns 12 today!!! WHAT ?!?!? Wow.. kids grow up so fast. You always hear that all you life but, you just don't get it until you have one of your own.
I have to say 12 things that Grace is :
1. sweetest girl ever
2. so beautiful
3. tender hearted
4. graceful dancer
5. smart in school
6. kind to others
7. listens well
8. talented in everything she tries
9. always amazes me how she keeps trying and keeps trying until she gets it. she has always been that way from the time she was a baby and could control her movements!
10. genuine
11. full of spunk and energy
12. my favorite, loving. she still loves to hold my hand in public loves to hug and kiss her mom and dad, loves to snuggle and watch TV together or read a book. LOVE IT and LOVE HER!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Skull Cherries!

Guess who made a card? It's me... It's me.... !!!! said in my best Spartan Cheerleader's chant from the Saturday Night Live skit! HA !!

I got the Cricut Expression for Christmas and some SUPER fun new carts! I know it has already been out for a while and now they have come up with the Cricut Imagine. but you know, i am a little behind the times. It has been so much fun to play with. The little Cricut now seems sooo limiting.

Anywho. Here is one of the cards I made. The skull cherries are from Rock Princess cart and the stamp is from Creative Clear Stamps. I thought the sentiment is appropriately smarty pants for the skulls teehee. The card stock is PTI and Stampin' UP!

Thanks so much for coming to visit me in my little world. I have been super sporadic with my posts. Have a nice warm Tuesday night!