Saturday, August 4, 2012

Simple DIY Art

Good Grief. Has it really been 2 months since I last blogged? My how time flies.
I have been doing lots of fun projects. I have so much more up my sleeve too. Now if I could just find the time right?!

I needed a soft simple piece of art to go over my jewelry armoire in my bedroom. I didnt want anything harsh or drastic and i needed it to be CHEAP! I went to Big Lots and found a naked canvas for $6.00. Yep that is a great starting point.

I already had some paint. I like that it is silver color to match the bedroom. I had wished it was not quite as metallic maybe just more gray but, the metallic has actually grown on me.

I this super cute stencil for FREE. When i ordered the stencil for my bedroom wall from Royal Stencil company they sent me a little stencil for free with my order. This was the perfect time to get that out and put it to use.
Here she is all done and up close. My mom and husband said i should outline the flowers to make them more prominent but I like the subtleness of it.
So there you have it super duper simple $6.00 wall art! What have you been working on?

I am in the market for a Cameo Silhouette if you know of a great deal going on right now let me know please! Thanks for stopping by!