Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Internet

well, we are all moved it. everything is in boxes. we really needed to wait til the carpet gets put in until we moved furniture or whatever around. so everything is piled in the basement, kitchen or dining room or where ever there is hardwood! cleaning has been a MASIVE project. this house has been empty for over 6 months and apparently the previous owners did not take very good care of it. we still do not have the t.v. or internet hooked up!! (i am on the computer at work shhhh... dont tell anyone!) dosnt matter really, we have way too much to do when we get home from work to worry about either! so anyway just wanted to pop in and say i hope to visit you all soon!!! the carpet is supposed to go in today! we will be able to move things around but we have to go out of town this weekend so NO work on the house! arrg. thanks for the visit and well wishes!


The Wired Angel said...

Wow Julie.. your new house has so much potential - love your entrance. I wish you only happy memories in your new home. Hugs, Peggy

Angela said...

I really hope you get some free time and that you enjoy your new home!! I will miss you this weekend at craft night!! And I have so many new stamps to play with!! Good luck may sweet friend!!

Karen said...

Ack! No internet, tons of cleaning, moving, and more.....wow....you must need a nap! But, its such an exciting time for you...thanks for including us on your adventure! :>

Elle Girl said...

it sounds like you are swamped! Poor girl. Tell me what the first meal you make in your new house is. I think you'll love the cheesecake pancakes :)

Linda's Craziness said...

Your new home is gorgeous. So very excited for you. Now I have to come and visit??? LOL