Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cricut Pirate Cupcakes

Hidy HO!!!!
How is everyone on this awesome Thursday? The weather has been great here in middle Tennessee the last 2 days. Still a wee bit hot but NOTHING like it has been this summer! Whew! what a great break. So been messing around with my Rock Princess Cartridge. I love that thing and can hardly wait to play with it some more this weekend. We keep putting off painting the living room because the walls are so dang tall. The ceiling is 12 and 18 or 20 foot high and it is that high up the stairway too. So we are just not wanting to take on that kind of project right now. i have to admit it is nice to take a break from all the rehab. This cart has been so much fun too because Grace loves to play with it and we have been having a ball playing together!! love crafty moments with my sweet girl. ooooo.. got side tracked watching hubby come in from outside with great looking fresh tomatoes from the ginormous plants outside. not sure if i am more excited about the good looking tomatoes or the good looking babe bringing them in! anyyyyyy who. Hope your night is going well. i have absolutely no complaints. thanks for visiting!!


Karen said...

Holy cuteness!! Those pirate cupcakes are adorable and love them backed up with some polkas. :> We have cathedral ceilings in our living, dining, and master, so I hear ya! After painting our living room and finding that such a challenge (Hubby had to stretch to reach a couple spots while on a fully extended extension! I did not make that climb!) we've held off on our dining & master. Hope you have a fantastic Friday, Julie! :>

Karen from PA said...

I love these cards! They are so much fun!

Dru said...

These are just adorable Julie!! Love them both! Hugs, Dru

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Hi julie! awwww...these are adorable!! I finally made it over here!! so sorry!! hope all is well with you my friend. :P