Saturday, July 30, 2011

The House That Creaks # 5 Stained Cabinets

Okay.. I finished these a while ago but, I just got around to getting new hardware so now I feel like I can share :-)

Do these cabinets look familiar? They are the same cabinets all over the house! Kitchen and both bathrooms. I am positive if I had another room that called for cabinets, these would be in there for sure. As like everything else in the house, I got tired of looking at them.

I wanted these dark but not black like I painted in daughters bathroom. I did not want to paint them brown.. for some reason I am not that fond of brown paint. I like white and black and orange and blue.. just not brown. So I decided to stain them brown.

HOLY COW !! I do not like to stain. What a big fat pain in the rump! To stain you totally have to get rid of any previous paint. I sanded the cabinets and base all the way down (fortunately there was only one layer of paint and one or two poly)

I had to apply 3 layers to the cabinets and to the base to get as dark as I wanted.

Thank goodness I went with the gel stain. Per the info on the container, the gel stain is thick (think pudding consistency) and it covers better over any missed removed paint and such (i had quite a bit).

The problem with stain is to let it dry completely before re applying the next coat. The wait time is 8 hours!! again I did 3 coats. so this took several days, can't just roll it on and wait a wee bit.

** please don't pay any attention to the fabulous quilt / curtains ** I WILL get around to those

You have to wipe or brush some on, a little at a time, wipe it off and repeat. AGONY for a person like me with VERY little patience. Soon enough i will be working on painting the walls a super pretty color.

Anyway here is the new hardware, hard to see the copper in it. Just like the faucets. I originally had some creamy white knobs (you know, to match the counter top) .. hubby walked in and screamed (not like a girl, but like a low manly UGG kinda scream.) LOL

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This pic is a wee bit dark. Just depends on how much light is coming through the window. SO, there you have it.. stained cabinets. WHEW! glad that is O.V.E.R.


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Monday, July 25, 2011

Dance Photos

Good Monday Evening to you!!!
Hope that everyone is well. I am so sorry i have posted anything in a while. The saying Lazy days of summer is bologna!! busy busy busy...

I have some things to share, i just have to get it uploaded. Headed for holiday world tomorrow! woooohoooooo. GOT TO GET DRAMAMINE !!!! keep forgetting that.. I WILL NOT be able to ride any rides with out it.

Anywho... here are a couple of pics of my daughter and some of her dance team. In the team photo she is the first one on the left. We had an awesome time taking these. The background is amazing. If you happen to click on the photographers site HERE click on Diamond Dance Photo Shoot to see a few more fab photos.


Friday, July 8, 2011

The House That Creaks # 4 Crappy Credenza!!

"Oh. My. God.. Becky.. look at this dresser" said in my best Sir Mix-A lot Baby Got Back voice! teehee.. Seriously look at it's hideousness! Let me tell you though I was THRILLED to get it off of Craig's List. I certainly would not say it was a steal but I am at peace now for spending $45.00 for it.

The drawers did not line up.. so i tried different drawers in different slots and they magically lined up much better.

She had a nasty gash in the back. Poor thing, seems she has suffered over the years. She had a few spots in the front. I also had to re-glue some places inside and out.

Fixed her right up with some wood putty!! This took about 4 days. Because it was such a large gash. I put some putty on, let that dry.. sand, layer on some more, let that dry, sand. repeat until it is a smooth even finish.

Then I primed it. I have wanted to distress a piece, so I finally took the plunge well, dip really.. and gave it my first go. I wanted some yellow to show through the distressing instead of the brown wood. So on top of the prim I painted some yellow I had on hand and just put it where I wanted it to show. In hind sight I probably should have painted the whole piece yellow, just in case some day I want to distress it more. Note to self for future reference!

Here are all the pieces primed. I decided to do this inside 'cuz it is DANG HOT here in Tennessee and muggy and sticky, thick, humid.. you get the picture.

Here is a shot of the gash all patched up. It is more noticeable in the pic than in real life.

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Oh, and here is my new best friend! I just adore her. Hubby was quite amazed also. Not too distressed and not so all black either. Not sure how I want to dress her yet. That will come with more thrifting though. For now I have decided to keep the same hardware. I like the vintage look of it right now. That is easily changed on a whim.
Allrighty, thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed it!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Been on Vacation

Had a great time.
Hope to post again sometime soon!!