Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Hobby

Happy Sunday Folks!!!!
Well...I have discovered a new hobby! Sheesh, like I needed a new one. My friend Gina and I, my mom and some other friends took a jewelry class at JoAnn on Friday night. We had so much fun, first we started with dinner then the class!! Always gotta add dinner when ever you meet
the girls for anything!! My soul purpose to take this class was to learn how to make a bracelet after I saw Nichols post on making paper beads
I just fell in love with it and soooooo wanna make some for Christmas gifts. This is the earring and bracelet ensemble I made in class. Since then Grace and I have made bracelets too. She wants me to post those so I will after I take some pics. Thanks for stopping by today check out Gina's blog and the earrings and bracelet that she made. Super cute!!


Gina said...

One can never have too many hobbies. Right? I had so much fun, thanks for inviting me.

One Creative Life said...

Looks like you and Gina made some cute jewelry!! Watch out at the bead store/aisle they just jump in your basket!