Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am sending this card to my dear friend Pam. She had a super bad day today and I totally
topped it off by not having her stamping goodies waiting for her when she came to pick them up
at my work!!! It was totally innocent, she hadn't come by yet so I felt the need to keep them safe and protected...I took them back home with me OMG! After a bad day at work then getting a speeding ticket on her lunch break and then stopping by my work to get a bag-o-stamping goodies just for them to not be there. Could there be a worse day? I love you Punkin' and I hope you get my card in the mail before you see it posted here!

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Pam said...

You're the best! Thanks for the card (your mom told me that the real one ended up in the rain). Tina e-mailed to say that she had left the punch out of my order and would mail it. Have you ever had a day so bad it gets funny?
Love you..mean it!