Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Girl

Okay, so my baby girl is now 9 YEARS OLD!!!! What?? Someone please tell me when that happened. Her birthday was last week but it is just now hitting me like, in the face,
a big smack. 9 years! she was just born, umm yesterday right? Anyway, I had to share this picture because this is what she does ALL THE TIME. Talks on the phone to her friend Karah while playing webkinz with her on the computer.I don't remember being on the phone all the time at 9 years old. What about you? What do you remember about being 9 years old?
This is the birthday card I made for her. She would totally be disappointed if I tried to give her a store bought card. LOL. It is made with CTMH Indian Corn Blue and Crystal Blue cardstock. Then random stamped on white card stock with the Star Struck stamps from CTMH. I also used the solos 9 and Delightful Alphabet from CTMH. She loved it as light blue is her favorite color of the moment. TFL

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