Sunday, April 10, 2011

Computer Issues

sorry I haven't posted in a while. i have been working on some home decor projects and our computer had been running really slow. So hubby tries to fix it. He did finally fix it but it took the better part of a week. Then we had a big storm last week that took our computer out. Things are back on track now. I just have to find all the files with my pictures and get them reloaded so I can share again. Big frowny face!



Cindy said...

Hi Julie, Sorry to hear about your computer issues.. I think I have a virus or something. oesn't seem to be working right either.. Oh well..another bill in my future!! Love the last 2 pages you made, Graduation and talking on the phone. Both are fabulous!!

Gina said...

I miss you, we have got to get together soon!