Monday, April 25, 2011

The House That Creaks Story #1 Bathroom Cabinet

Hi Everyone!!!
I hope you had a fantastic Easter yesterday!!
So, If you have been following me at all for the past year, you know that we moved into a new (new to us) house last February. This house creaks, holy cow every floor in every room! Its crazy. I mean the house is 20 years old but goodness. OH MY we have done A LOT of work on this house. Big projects like a new roof, new driveway, re-configured the basement a wee bit. But some of the fun stuff is painting and such. I posted a while back my orange kitchen while that does look a lot better I am ready to move on to the next phase very soon. We have the whole house livable at this point so NOW I can really get crazy and try new things and tweak what we have already done. So First up was my daughters bathroom. I hated that room the most. The first pic is the bathroom AFTER we fixed it a wee bit. Not grand by any means but it was WAY better than before. I was not digging the boring beige -y cabinets. these are the same cabinets throughout the entire house. Anyway.. this is where i decided to start. SO i sanded and primed and painted it a gloss oil based black paint. I decided to go oil based in her bathroom because of the high humidity. I decided on shiny because I like the classy look of it in a small room. The I changed out the hardware to a more modern look staying with the shiny silver on the faucets and light fixture that Grace picked out. Overall I am very happy with the outcome. See in the last picture the tile floor? Imagine in all of the grout gross black nastiness. I scrubbed every single inch of that floor. things like that is why it has taken a year to really get into details. Well i have rambled on and on. OH, in the last pic check out the bathroom walls! More details will be coming soon about that!!! Thanks for your visit! Hope you enjoyed it. Have an awesome night.
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Leigh Ann Baird said...

Love it! More pics! I love seeing renovation stuff even though I don't like doing it myself.

I've been about to tackle some furniture painting for months now. LOL I've decided to paint the bench in my foyer an antique white and I got some lovely fabric to recover the bench cushion. There's too much brown in my house and I want to brighten it up.