Monday, March 7, 2011

So Proud of My Tiny Dancer

Hello and Happy Monday!!

I dont have any crafty goodness to share with you today. I do have some pics of my daughter's dance competition though. These pics were actually her last competition. I did not get any of the one we just had yesterday. This year is her first time doing a solo in competition. I have to say I absolutely LOVE it. It is fun and spunky and sassy! The dance is to Janice Joplin's Move Over.
I have always been a Janice Joplin fan so to get to watch my baby dance competitively to one of her song just makes it that much more fun. The middle pic is her trio (the other dancer is not in this particular pic) Grace is the one with her back to you. This dance is to a Rue Paul song called Looking Good and Feeling Gorgeous which is also so much fun.

We were in Alabama for the competition this weekend. Man it was a looooong one. We did not get home until Midnight then had to get up in 5 hours for school (Grace) and work (me and hubs) so worth it though. she has a blast and I am so proud to watch her. Anywho, I am running off this coming weekend to a scrapbook getaway with 12 other fun girls ... I can hardly wait.. So I HOPE to have lots to share with you next week. Thanks for the visit!!



Karen said...

Great pics, looks like she was having such fun! My wee girl loves to dance and misses her dance class she was in. Thanks for sharing your dancer! :> Annnnddd...a scrapbook getaway?! What fun!! Hope you craft your heart out!!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

How exciting! My girls don't want to do anything! LOL

Gina said...

Way to go Grace!

Dru said...

How fun - she is adorable! Great shots! Enjoy your retreat! Hugs, Dru

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Oh wow...look at her. She is just beautiful! Man, I wish I was that flexible. I miss that...LOL

Karen Murray said...

Wow, I am sure you are one proud mama!