Friday, January 14, 2011

12 Rocks

Oh Sweet Goodness... My baby turns 12 today!!! WHAT ?!?!? Wow.. kids grow up so fast. You always hear that all you life but, you just don't get it until you have one of your own.
I have to say 12 things that Grace is :
1. sweetest girl ever
2. so beautiful
3. tender hearted
4. graceful dancer
5. smart in school
6. kind to others
7. listens well
8. talented in everything she tries
9. always amazes me how she keeps trying and keeps trying until she gets it. she has always been that way from the time she was a baby and could control her movements!
10. genuine
11. full of spunk and energy
12. my favorite, loving. she still loves to hold my hand in public loves to hug and kiss her mom and dad, loves to snuggle and watch TV together or read a book. LOVE IT and LOVE HER!


Karen said...

I've mentioned to a few people lately that I feel like a walking cliche when I talk about how fast my kidlets are growing, but you're right, time does fly and they do grow so fast!

Sweet pic of you & your girl. It sounds like you are raising a wonderful (not quite as little) girl! :> Happy Birthday, Grace! :>

JazzyH said...