Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Jewelry

Hi Girlys! Thanks for working your way over here today! Hope you are well on the Tuesday evening. I wanted to share an ensemble I made for a Spaghetti Supper and Auction my daughters dance studio is having. The parents are asked to bring donated items to auction off. One of the things I am donating is this necklace,bracelet and earring set. I am fairly new to jewelry making so it is pretty basic. I also did not know how to present the pieces without just plopping them on the table. So after thinking about it for a little while I finally came up with this. I had an old frame I wasn't using and attached the pieces to Kraft cardstock then used foam dots for some space for the jewelry to fit through and still be able to close the back of the frame without squishing. I left the glass out so people can touch and feel. I personally need to touch and feel everything. My husband hates to shop with me cause I touch EVERYTHING! Please tell me someone else is out there like that! LOL. Well, even if this doesn't go in the auction I would still like to wear it myself. So it would not be a total loss of time or money. Well, thanks for looking!!!
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One Creative Life said...

It's beautiful Julie and the presentation is fab! It's sure to bring some $$$ at the auction!

Gina said...

Ohh, that is really pretty! I need to get my beads back out too!

Anonymous said...

This is soooo gorgeous! Love it!

Leigh said...

Oh wow, you made this set??? Fantastic.

{Sarah Coyle} said...

omg that is beautiful!! I love the frame too!

Janet said...

Julie - you did an AWESOME job on this set - all of the pieces are beautiful and I love the color you selected. It looks so professional. What a great way to present it as well.

I am so much like you with regard to having to touch everything - if there is a sign that says "don't touch" I have to walk away because if I can't touch it, it's not meant for me to have it :) My husband is good in that he doesn't mind it too much, it's the children that grunt :)