Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Burpies!!!!

Hi Chickies! Hope your Wednesday is good so far. It was such a fun class in hip hop today. I think I'm starting to catch on. It is true that the older you get the slower you learn. Same with dance moves. My daughter still remembers all the moves from just the first and only class she took. I am still having just a few technical difficulties after 3 classes. LOL! It was a fun work out none the less. Annnnnywho you did not come here to listen about my dance moves huh?? I made some more burp cloths like the ones I posted here. These are so fun to make and so easy. I encourage you to look at the older post with the link for the directions if you are in need of a baby gift. Alright, I need to make a bracelet with the daughter so I will see you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by let me know what you think of the burpies!


Gina said...

You have been busy!!

Here's the laugh of the day--imagine me in a Hip Hop, or any other dance class! If learning is slower now, there's no hope for me.

Leigh said...

Julie, lovely bright colours for your burpies.

Felicia said...

Those are cute burp cloths.

Janet said...

These are great burpies - I have several ladies in my office that are expecting, so I will need to learn how to do them - TFS