Sunday, November 11, 2012

Numbered Stairs

Happy Sunday to you!!!!  I hope you have had an awesome start to this new week.
A little while back I decided to paint the stair risers. So glad I did. I LOVE it.

Then of course, I get board with it. I have seen in blogland and on Pintrest fun little numbers or silhouettes on stair risers. Well.. since I recently FINALLY got my Silhouette Cameo I decided to play with some vinyl.

Easy as pie. Pick out the font you want to use, size it to the desired size, cut, peel and stick!!!!

Here is what your left with from just a few fun minutes of  crafty time!!
My Handsome Hubby thought I was crazy.. until he saw them up. Then, of course, like always he thought it was pretty ingenious! HA every time I tell ya =)

Thanks for stopping by today!!!!
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