Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crafty Home Decor

Hidy Ho Everyone!
so a few months ago while I was watching the best channel on television, HGTV! I noticed in an episode of High Low Project some artwork. side note.. is that show going to come back on? I mean seriously I LOVED IT. i sure hope it comes back. Sabrina (the shows host) did not focus on this particular part of the redo BUT I noticed it. It was 6 framed squares of fabric. I thought WHAT??!! i CAN so do that. and cheap too! instead of fabric i used scrapbooking paper. so here goes.
For the frames I went as cheaply as I could without looking super cheesy. I settled on album display frames that I found at JoAnn. They were about $10.00 each but the stars were lined up that day because they were 50% off WHEN I was ready to get them! sweet!
I also used white foam board. I had some on hand already so I only had to buy one piece. I cut them into 12X12 squares to fit the frames, then cut the paper down to 11X11 because I wanted the white boarder around the images. BTW I used foam board to give some dimension, because these were album frames, they are made to hold a wee bit of thickness.

After I had them all framed up I played around with the layout on the kitchen table. then hung them up over the fireplace. I have to say I was very pleased with myself. Sorry for the glare in the pictures. One of these days I will learn how to photograph.

So there ya go. For around $40.00 i had a whole set of artwork. Not too shabby eh?

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me. OH! that pic to the side over the ottoman was what i used to have over the fireplace. it was nice too but I love change things up around here. Much to hubby's dismay.
have a super week!

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Gina Lindsay said...

Wow, what a cool idea. This looks great!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Very cool idea!

Dru said...

Julie! What an idea - these look great! Good Job!! Hugs, Dru