Sunday, April 8, 2012

The House That Creaks # 11 Bedroom Redo!!

ACK!! I am so excited to show of the bedroom redo! I have been working on this for weeks. I started off by adding the bead board wall paper. then painted the bathroom and bedroom. then painted the stencil on one wall. then made the headboard. then put up the chair rail in the bathroom. whew... but the big parts are over and i LOVE it.
for the headboard I started with a piece of plywood for $10.00 ! whoop. OMG i had NO idea plywood was that dang heavy. now my foot knows it too! got two layers of 1/2 batting with coupon for $16.00

Staple gunned the batting and used a canvas drop cloth for the fabric. for $10.00 I wanted a casual fabric that could easily adapt to any decor changes. it was perfect!

Of course, i could not find any old pictures of the bedroom. i think they were all on my old computer. but here is a pic of the old bathroom so you get an idea of the color the bedroom was.

Okay.. my pictures are all out of whack. some just got deleted... UGGG.. so . i am making do with what i can. my computer is super sensitive and it just goes crazy sometimes.. anywhooooo
here is a look from the bathroom into the bedroom. i used two colors of blue from Sherwin Williams. Let me give some props for a minute. the Super paint by Sherwin .. HOLY MOLY yall!
it cover in ONE coat. I painted over a yellowy orange to a light smokey blue in ONE coat. WHAT?? !!!!
I finally got real curtains for the bathroom, If you look again at the old bathroom pic you will see the pink quilt hanging in the window.. that was there for oh.... about a year! LOL
Just take a look at this cottagey goodness will you?! feels like a little cottage near the ocean to me.
Here is a gander in the bedroom of the stenciled wall. someday i will get new furniture. so dont look at that!
Here is a view of the completed bead board. I got all white bedding for Christmas. Super nice set too! Thanks step mom!! :-) I do plan to put a piece of artwork or maybe a framed mirror over the jewelry box there. but not sure exactly what i want yet.

I also plan to get new lamp shades maybe a drum shape. I got some this weekend but they didnt fit.. phooey! Also got curtains for the bedroom. NEVER had curtains in there before. lived here 2 years with no curtains. at least i did have blinds in the window though. teeheee
I spray painted the lamps a sliver to match the bedroom better. I would like to have wall mounted lamps. but making do with what i have for now.

Just making sure you have a view from all angles :-)

so this is it. last pic of the tour. thanks so much for looking. so here is a rundown
plywood $10.00 , batting $16.00, drop cloth $10.00, nail head trim kit $20.00 = $56.00!!
oh, we did have to buy a jigsaw to cut the corners in the headboard. so that was around $30.00 so total was $86.00 what??!!! you will pay HUNDREDS for a ready made one. AND not near the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

the stencil is Royal Designs it was $40.00 but i got it as a gift for Christmas :-) thanks MOM!

the paint was $100.00 for both rooms BUT! well worth the money. like i said.. ONE COAT. the bathroom i used SW cashmere.. i did not like it near as much as the Super Paint. Cashmere i had to use two coats. Super paint is the primer and paint in one.



Karen Murray said...

I love, love, love the stenciled wall. Everything is absolutely gorgeous. I want to give my master bedroom/bathroom a much needed makeover but I can't make up my mind what I want. Thanks for the lovely ideas!

Tina Mayo said...

that is absolutely gorgeous...I love it and that have just gotten so handy chick!!