Sunday, September 18, 2011

The House that Creaks # 7 Temporary T.V. Stand

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have several projects going on at one time. Why do I do that? Why can I not finish one before starting another? Arrrggg..

I i bought this little T.V. stand on craig's list a while back for $20.00. It is not what I want long term but I was using a really big coffee table as a corner stand. I was just taking up too much room. Because our living room is narrow the table was to big to use as its intended purpose.

Here it was before. very shiny veneer.

She had some really big decorative plate and handle. I just wanted small knobs so I used wood filler to fill in two of the holes just keeping one hole for the new knob. Instead of sanding I decided to use liquid sand partly as an experiment to see how well it does before I use it for the kitchen cabinets. I really like that product and will probably use it for the cabinets. that will save A LOT OF TIME when painting 26 cabinets and 15 drawers!!

I primed it with tinted primer.

I used some black foam board in the very back because it was just an open square. That worked out really great!! happy face!

I painted with a brush instead of rolling. Another experiment before the kitchen cabinets!! Jury is still out on that one. I wish I would have turned the T.V. off before I took the pics, oh well... does anyone else watch HGTV non stop? anyone?.. I'm the only one huh? LOVE MY HGTV!!

close up pics

Another close up. So that is it. Temporary T.V. stand. I have now decided I do not want a corner stand as originally planed. thank goodness I got a temporary one before committing on a brand new piece. I have an old dresser at my dads that I MIGHT work on to use as our new TV credenza. Not sure, want to get the cabinets done first.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

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Cindy said...

Julie, What an awesome job you did!! It looks fabulous in Black!! It sure doesn't look like $20 anymore!! Isn't it amaazing what you can do sometimes with finds like that??

Dru said...

Hi Julie - great re-do! And I know what you mean about starting several projects at once!! Our house is a never-ending list of projects! Take care. Hugs, Dru

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Nice work!