Saturday, July 30, 2011

The House That Creaks # 5 Stained Cabinets

Okay.. I finished these a while ago but, I just got around to getting new hardware so now I feel like I can share :-)

Do these cabinets look familiar? They are the same cabinets all over the house! Kitchen and both bathrooms. I am positive if I had another room that called for cabinets, these would be in there for sure. As like everything else in the house, I got tired of looking at them.

I wanted these dark but not black like I painted in daughters bathroom. I did not want to paint them brown.. for some reason I am not that fond of brown paint. I like white and black and orange and blue.. just not brown. So I decided to stain them brown.

HOLY COW !! I do not like to stain. What a big fat pain in the rump! To stain you totally have to get rid of any previous paint. I sanded the cabinets and base all the way down (fortunately there was only one layer of paint and one or two poly)

I had to apply 3 layers to the cabinets and to the base to get as dark as I wanted.

Thank goodness I went with the gel stain. Per the info on the container, the gel stain is thick (think pudding consistency) and it covers better over any missed removed paint and such (i had quite a bit).

The problem with stain is to let it dry completely before re applying the next coat. The wait time is 8 hours!! again I did 3 coats. so this took several days, can't just roll it on and wait a wee bit.

** please don't pay any attention to the fabulous quilt / curtains ** I WILL get around to those

You have to wipe or brush some on, a little at a time, wipe it off and repeat. AGONY for a person like me with VERY little patience. Soon enough i will be working on painting the walls a super pretty color.

Anyway here is the new hardware, hard to see the copper in it. Just like the faucets. I originally had some creamy white knobs (you know, to match the counter top) .. hubby walked in and screamed (not like a girl, but like a low manly UGG kinda scream.) LOL

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This pic is a wee bit dark. Just depends on how much light is coming through the window. SO, there you have it.. stained cabinets. WHEW! glad that is O.V.E.R.


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Heidi said...

Thanks for the tips regarding gel stain - super helpful!

Karen said...

You are just making your way through your house, putting your signature, by your own hand on it! I think it's great! :>

Leigh Ann Baird said...

You brave, brave girl! LOL I don't think I'll be staining anything. We've been in our house almost 5 years and we're slowly adding decorations. I just apologize when anyone comes over. LOL