Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Gifts for Charlee

My sweet dear friend Tina finally had baby #3 last week. Yea!! Baby and Momma are doing great although momma had quite a scare and had to go back in the hospital for a couple of days. Thank the Lord above she is fine and dandy now!!
Well, when one of your besties has a baby you gotta make her something right?

I have made baby burp cloths a few times but, I decided to make these bigger. They are more simple than my previous burp cloths however, these can hold more spit up and cover momma well! I used fabric and terry cloth.

See some the earlier burp cloths HERE and HERE

I just love that little star. I cut it out and ironed on fusible fabric backing to the star then ironed on the star to the onesie. I did pre-wash the fabric and the onsies.

Here i cut out fabric and felt to make a little lollipop flower. I decided not to use a broach pin to secure the flower because I did not the wee one to get stuck with the pin!

But I did want the flower to be removable so momma could wash it so I decided to use Velcro tabs! yea! I only had black ones on hand. I finally decided that was okay since it will be covered up anyway right?!

The Velcro was already sticky on both sides but I worried about it coming off during the wash or anytime. So here I added some fabric glue and a small clamp to keep it smooshed while the fabric glue dried. This should do the trick!

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I had some fabric flowers already prepared just waiting for a project to land on like a scrapbook page or a card or a hair bow or... a baby onesie!! used the same Velcro adhesion here too.
So there you go, simple and sweet baby gift for a dear friend. I am going to visit the wee one as soon as i get back from vacation and kiss those sweet puffy cheeks!!
Thank you for the visit!
Cheers!! ~Julie~


Karen said...

Oh how super cute! And glad baby & Mama are both okay!! :>

JazzyH said...


Leigh Ann Baird said...

Fabulous gift! You did good girl!

Dru said...

These are adorable Julie - what a sweet friend you are - I know she will love them. Hugs, Dru