Friday, November 6, 2009

super quick

OMG it has been a minute since i have posted! Sorry about that... We expectantly discovered a house that we want. We have been not really looking but have a realtor send us pics and info on houses that he knows we want "one day" AND at the right price! He has been doing this now for about 4 years!!! yes years! Our dream house just showed up in our email on monday and we were like "this is it"!!!
we are so not ready and were not expecting this. so we ran out on tuesday to look at it and put an offer on it wed then thursday realtor tell us he is coming to apraise our house on saturday. well i have things to do on friday and saturday so last night i RAN home and cleaned like a mad woman outside and inside, after working all day i may add...cleaned from 4:00-8:30. and was EXHAUSTED! Well, wish us luck because there are 2 other offers on the house. I dont know when we will find out whos offer was accepted. It needs LOTS of TLC but we are up to the challenge. it has everything we want plus.
so these little lollipop flowers are a Designing D.I.V.A.S. secret sister challenge. the first one I used CTMH paper pack and the second one is felt and fabric! Gotta go get ready to have craft night with my crafty friends. Gina, Angela and Tina!!!


Cindy said...

Julie, I like your lollipop flowers. I tried them , but didn't like how mine turned out.
That is fantastic about the house!! Good Luck!!!

Karen said...

I was wondering where you were.... :>:>

Oh my goodness, Julie, I love that felt and fabric lollipop flower!!!

Crossed fingers for you on your dream house!!! Hope you get good news! :>

Gina said...

Your flowers are great, I love them. I had so much fun last night at craft night.

Good luck with the house!

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

These are so neat! boy! I could use them on my mag cards!

Alyssa S said...

These are so cute!
I'm crossing my fingers for you on the house ;o)