Sunday, October 9, 2011

The House that Creaks #8 Faux Wainscoting

Happy Sunday Night to you! So, I have this project to share that I totally stole from Decor Chick can I just add how much I heart her style. I get TONS of Ideas from her. Click on her name and it will take you to her wainscoting transformation. Her has decorative trim which i would have loved to use however, hottie hubs and I are brand new to wainscoting and wasnt sure we could match up all of the lines with the cuts from the tools that we had. So we settled on some flat trim. and now if we change our mind later and use a more decorative trim, the process will be soooooo much easier.
So I started with priming the area I wanted to wainscot. Hubs made fun of me because I did not measure precisely where to end the white paint. I giggled told him whatever.. to my dismay because we are out of the orange paint that is on the walls! and of course the chair railing was below the white. I cannot get a stinkin' sample of orange paint mixed that matches exactly! Arrg

okay so the next steps where to measure, measure and measure again. I left that part to hottie. I have zero math skills and this was hard core crazy calculations. Well, for me anyway. Hubs has way more patients than I. I am totally kewl with slapping it up on the wall, thank goodness he is not cool like that :-)
Then we got out the chalk line marker thing. You know, the tool that kinda looks like a measuring tape that you pull out and then hold it in place then snap the line and it makes a chalk mark on your surface? Yea, that one..

Next step is to cut out all of your box pieces. We used little glue dots (my scrap booking supplies always come in handy!!) to hold the pieces in place to make sure that is where we wanted them before we started nailing it all in. After that caulk around all the trim and chair rail. Paint a couple of coats and you are done.
Here is the right side in all of its glory... with all that white left above the chair rail! Arrgg (hate it when he is right!)
Here is the left side.

And here is the view going down. I reeeeaaaaallly need to work on my picture taking skills and learn to edit. Hubs work is so much better in person. I look at it all the time and I am amazed at his success at his first go at this! Now.. this project to way longer than we anticipated but totally worth the effort. Especially since he did most of the work! HA!!

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Then here is a pic after I painted over the white above the chair rail. You cannot really tell in this pic that the oranges dont match. in all honesty it is very close to the original orange so its not bad. I would love to repaint all of the orange a different color! Hubs says I have to wait for a total of 5 years before repainting. teehee.. only because the staircase and living room where a MAJOR pain in the buttocks to paint. So thats it! be sure to check out Decor Chicks wainscoting. Thanks so much for your visit today!

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Andrea @ Decorating Cents said...

This looks so awesome. It adds a ton of character to your staircase. This project has been on my to do list for a while.

Cindy said...

What a wonderful job!!! It looks really great!!!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Gak! I love this idea! I want to do something like this for the stairs to the basement to class it up a bit.

Karen Murray said...

This is beautiful! I love it, and what a great idea using glue dots.

BishopsMommie said...

wow..omg Julie..Its amazing..I love it looks very classy..Goog Job JIM!!!